Our Menu

Crispy yet soft breads, flaky pastries, fresh sandwiches, sweet bakes and lovely cakes - just some of the delicious goodies you can find in our store. As our breads are made fresh, they will vary in stock and type, therefore they are not included in the below list. All our products are suitable for vegetarians, and those marked with Ve are suitable for vegans. For more information and allergy advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Savory Bakes - HOT, HOT HOT


- The British One; root veg and cheese

- The Indian One; dhal lentils and carrot (Ve) 

- The Polish One; cheese, potato and onion

- The Moroccan One; spicy chickpeas, peppers and spinach (Ve)

- The Thai One (coming soon!); sriracha jackfruit, spring onion, coriander & sesame seeds 

- Vegan Sausage Rolls (Ve) 

- Turkish Simit (Ve)

Pastries, Bakes n all things sweet!


- Croissants (Ve available)

- Indian Barfi 

- Nutzilla Doughnut

- Nest Doughnut

- Deep filled Doughnuts 

- Eggless Eclairs 

- Pain au Chocolat

- Mini Cupcakes (Ve); choose from Chocolate or Red Velvet

- Specialty Cupcakes (Ve); biscoff, oreo, strawberries & cream

- Almond Cake (Ve)

- Lemon Loaf (Ve)

- Cake by Weight 


Many other goodies baked daily. 

Hot/ Cold Sandwiches and Toasties                                  

- Grilled Cheese Toastie (Ve available) 

- Vegan Breakfast Panini (Ve) 

- The Mighty Breakfast Banger (Ve available)

- Spicy Moroccan Chickpeas and Hummus (Ve) 

- Egg & Mayo Salad

- Hummus & Mediterranean Veg (Ve) 

 & daily specials. 

Make Your Own Breakfast


- Scrambled Eggs

- Fried Eggs

- Tofu Scramble (Ve)

- Vegan Sausage (Ve)

- Tofu Rashes (Ve)

- Tomatoes (Ve)

- Beans (Ve)

- Mushrooms (Ve)

- Spicy Chickpeas (Ve)

- Spinach and Seeds (Ve)

- Hash Browns (Ve)

- Brown or White Toast (Ve)

- Aloo Paratha (Ve)

- Roti (Ve)

Hot Drinks 

P.S - We don't charge extra for alternative milks!

- Latte

- Flat White 

- Cappuccino 

- Americano

- Mocha 

- Tea

- Chai Tea 

- Chai Latte

 Specialty Teas 

Cold Drinks 

- Iced Latte

- Iced Tea 

- Smoothies 

- Variety of cans and bottles 

A vast selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cakes available daily. Stock varies daily depending on supply and production. Whilst we will place all measures to remove the risk of cross contaminations of allergens, we cannot guarantee this due to the size of our kitchen. Please speak to a member of staff for any queries.